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IT Solution is not just only about technology and innovation..!

It's also about the investment protection, ROI and substantial value it adds to customer's over all business process. Our solutions approach is to make sure customer gets most out the investment. We are committed and dedicated to our partners, though we are very choosy in identifying them. Our justification is more of what 'extra' values can a solution offer to our valued customers apart from the technical competency. Contact us to get to know more about those value additions.


Do you still blame your AntiVirus software for not doing its job well?

There could be a couple or more hundred AV vendors in the industry and new viruses and related threats emerges virtually every day. Is there a vendor who can offer 100% protection from all of these threats?. No one can, indeed. An AntiVirus product itself can't do a perfect job unless its well managed with additional controls in place. You cannot control a really 'good' virus once infects your machine until its been cleaned by your AV product. But you can always control carrier of these viruses infecting your network and endpoints. It could simply from a flash disk, or browser toolbars to unauthorized browsers and anonymous proxies etc.

Do not just trust the AntiVirus engine alone, no matter what ever your AV vendor claims. Contact us to see-it- yourself how you can control all your endpoint applications together with one of the best AV engines at NO additional license cost.