Endpoint Security and Control : Cross-platform security and control for your desktops, laptops, file servers and mobile devices. Delivers complete protection against viruses, spyware and adware, controls VoIP, IM, P2P, games. Application Control module extends your reach on potentially unwanted applications, Bluetooth control, WiFi Control, Removable storage devices control and more by also enabling you to assess and control all endpoints compliancy status. Sophos Endpoint Security and Control (SESC 8.0) delivers a comprehensive solution with centralized management and reporting. SESC bundle the basic NAC module at no extra cost. Click here to find more about Sophos Endpoint Security and Control (SESC 8.0) suite or contact us for a demo.

Network Access Control : NAC is becoming de-facto must-to-have security solution in most of the enterprises due to the proliferation of user mobility and compliancy requirements. NAC has been given different definitions by various vendors, though the ultimate objective remains same, 'Controlling and securing the way endpoints access your network'. Sophos NAC Advanced is a software-based solution for endpoint assessment and control offering the most comprehensive and easy-to-deploy solution available. Sophos gives you the ability to control who and what is connecting to your network. Click here to find more about Sophos Advanced NAC Solution or contact us for a demo

Web Security and Control : Web Security and Control blocks spyware, viruses, phishing, malware, anonymizing proxies and other unwanted applications at the gateway and enables comprehensive web access control for safe, productive web browsing. provide bi-directional traffic inspection of requests for information and their responses, checking for malicious content, unwanted applications and non-compliance with acceptable use policies. Click here to find more about Web Security and Control Appliance Solution or contact us for a demo.

Email Security and Control : Email Security and Control proactively blocks inbound and outbound threats with unrivaled effectiveness and simplicity, delivering high-capacity, high-availability gateway and groupware security. Email-borne security threats can originate from both outside and inside your organization. That's why you need to protect the entire email infrastructure, from the gateway through to the Exchange, Notes or SMTP servers. Email Security and Control covers it all, blocking spam, phishing attacks, viruses and spyware, and enabling precise control over message content and attachments. Click here to find more about Email Security and Control Appliance Solution or contact us for a demo.

Security is probably the most hyped word for the last few years in the IT industry. We have been hearing about Firewalls, AntiVirus, Network Access Control, Application Security, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Identity and Access management, Security Event management, list goes on. But we at ActiBit believe security is more of a practice than just products. In fact one of the researches conducted by a major research firm finds that 'More than 99% of firewall breaches are caused by firewall mis-configurations, not firewall flaws.' Lack of 'best practices' and mis-configurations poses a major threat in most of information security related deployments, and that is where you would need expert advice and professional services. Our security solution portfolio includes, but not limited to,